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The King James bible has become synonymous with "God's Word" for millions of Christians.  But neither Jesus nor the disciples walked around with a King James Bible in their hand teaching from it.  They did not have any Bible, not even an old testament.  Jesus spoke in Aramaic and his words were translated into Greek.  There was no formation of the books of the bible until hundreds of years later.  So what is really closer to God's actual words?  King James or the "original" Greek texts?  The answer is obvious.  

(the following is an exerpt from

    "So the word “hell” is a word derived from Proto-Germanic paganism. It is the hidden or concealed underworld, co-opted by translators to make the Valley of Hinnom a relatable place. Unfortunately, it was relatable but very misleading. There is no reason to translate the Valley of Hinnom to “whatever your pagan underworld happens to be.”

 We have mistakenly put our faith in a language that Jesus never used.  Going back and carefully examining the words closest to what he really said is the only way to get to the truth.

Literal, accuracy-focused English Bible translations like The Concordant Version or Young’s Literal Translation are closer to Jesus' and the apostles' original words and meanings.

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