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Welcome! This site is dedicated to all the people who have been terrorized by the false teaching of "Hell." The vast majority of Christian Churches teach  that "Hell" is a place of conscious punishment, torture and torment for those who are not born again Christians which will never end but continue for hundreds, thousands, millions of years to infinity.  THIS IS ACTUALLY NOT FOUND ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE. The goal of this site is to lift the veils of myths, traditions, mistranslations, and indoctrinations that have shaped our beliefs, thoughts, and collective consciousness throughout the last 2000 years.  It's purpose is also to act as a "gateway" for study into many other web sites and resources that explain the subject in detail.  With logic, reason and open hearts and minds, we can uncover the truth has been there all along, "hidden" in plain site.

The following facts are huge red flags that show us that the basis for the teaching of "hell" is false.  These points just touch upon the many issues and details of this subject.  It is a brief overview.  The "No hell" links page is the primary source for more in depth discovery.

Sheol is the Hebrew word for grave and it is referred to as a place where the dead, both good and bad, go. It is a place of waiting.  No mention of torment, torture or punishment.  In the old testament, "the wicked" were destroyed on earth--not tortured forever and ever.    There is no mention of "hell" being created during the 7 days of creation and Adam & Eve were not threatened with endless suffering in "hell" if they ate of the forbidden fruit.  Don't you think that God would have mentioned that?  That if humans sinned, they would end up being tortured and tormented forever and ever even though they may have only lived a short life?  The foundation of the New Testament is the Old Testament and "hell" is not in the Old Testament.  

2.  THREE DIFFERENT WORDS-- HADES, GEHENNA (THE VALLEY OF HINNOM), & TARTAROO in the New Testament are all translated into 1 word--Hell.  Logic tells us that something is wrong when translators translate 3 separate words into one.  Further study shows those 3 words have very different meanings.  

    "GEHENNA," the term Jesus used (translated to "hell" in the 1600s King James version), WAS A LITERAL PLACE--at the time of Christ it resembled something more like a garbage dump in Jerusalem.    It known as the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and had been a place where dead bodies were thrown after Babylon destroyed Jerusalem in the old testament, .   Worms consumed the bodies and the fire was always burning.  Jesus never said or implied that the bodies would be alive forever!  In fact, Jesus was warning of the coming judment of Israel, and in A.D. 70, the Roman Armies surrounded Jerusalem and slaughtered a million people and dead bodies were once again thrown there. 
      HADES carried the same meaning as Sheol--grave, death or place where all dead go.
      TARTAROO was only mentioned once as a place where fallen angels waited for judgement.  No people were there and it was also not eternal.

3.  THE WORD AEON DOES NOT MEAN ETERNAL.  Poor translations like "eternal punishment" are more accurately translated "a period of correction."  This mistranslation of the greek word aeonis/aeon is cause for much misunderstanding.  The root word aeon means for a period of time.  It has an ending. 

4.  If there is a place where Satan and his demons torture people forever, then Satan and evil win.  If we found that our children were going to hell, we would want to go there with them to comfort them.  Who could find joy knowing that their loved ones were suffering in pain?   God says he is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  So if hell is real then God will not accomplish his will??  That is contrary to what the Bible says.  Please examine the following web site and all of the "No hell" links to be set free from this "doctrine of demons."   You will discover that God's love and forgiveness are so much bigger than what modern Christianity has portrayed.  And, most importantly, these discoveries come from the Bible itself and its true translation.


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